Welcome to the home of the iCosplay- anti bullying campaign.

We are a group of costuming and cosplaying volunteers, who are raising awareness of bullying and empowering cosplayers and costumers to be more confident enjoying something they love.

Everyone has the right to cosplay or costume no matter what gender, size, colour or ability – We are a group of costumers, for costumers and here to support each other.

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Our Mission Statement

This campaign albeit named as an anti-bullying campaign is more about striving towards a safer, more relaxed and comfortable experience, either online or at an event.
This is not a negatively focused campaign but one that offers advice, guidance and encouragement to those affected by or those concerned about bullies and bullying. Every person is entitled to express themselves but this should be done in a socially acceptable manner.

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Our Objectives

This list is a dynamic document and the list and objectives are ongoing

  • Objective: raise awareness of bullying and promote anti bullying campaign.
    • How: create website and social media pages/groups.
    • How: attend events to make others aware the campaign exists.
    • How: work with other groups both online and at events e.g. costume groups and other campaigns.
    • How: produce articles for distribution online and in magazines, books, brochures etc.
    • How: produce merchandise with logo to help make campaign known more at events. eg wristbands

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Supporting Kidscape


Since 1985, Kidscape have worked tirelessly to promote the anti-bullying message and shine a spotlight on child protection issues. We are so pleased to be supporting this fantastic cause.

I Cosplay is a not for profit unincorporated association as recognised in England and Wales