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Meet our wonderful patrons

Chris_BarrieThe amazingly talented Chris Barrie. We asked Chris due to the roles he has played over the years. He is best known as the hologram Rimmer in the hit series Red Dwarf, as Gordon Brittas in The Brittas Empire (BBC1) and as one of the principal male voice artists on Spitting Image.
As well as film and comedy work Chris also has an interest for vintage motorcycles and massive machines. He has presented a number of very successful TV series for both nat-geo and the discovery channel on the subject.
Of course Red Dwarf XI will be out later this year - will be great to see Chris back on the small screen.

Find out more about Chris on his site: http://www.chrisbarrie.co.uk/
ross_mullenThe wonderful Ross Mullan. Ross is a character actor, litterally :)
He is Nev the Bear on CBBC's Bear Behaving Badly. You will have seen him as the head Whitewalker in Game of Thrones, The Silence and The Teller on Doctor Who as well as many other characters in movies such as Clash of the Titans.
Ross has been a strong supporter of I Cosplay from the very beginning.
Julian SeagerJulian Seager - Julian Seager is a passionate geek and has been one as long as he can remember. He loves films, TV shows, anime, cosplay, comics, novels, gaming and medieval weapons. You will have seen Julian in TV shows such as Galavant, Poldark, Doc Martin, Movies such as Dark Ascension, Viking Legacy and also stars in a plethora of Independent Films.
Julian has been a supporter for I Cosplay for some time and its wonderful to have him as part of the Patron's team.