I COSPLAY .. hardworking people that give an incredible amount of there time to raise awereness about bullying. they have a really positive presence at our events and besides running the cosplay events actively encourage group cosplay for those who may not have the strength to do it alone. there always there to help and listen. thanks I Cosplay for all the support you offer the comic con community – PAUL PRESCOTT NWCC


Happy and proud to be connected and in full support to I-Cosplay, where do you find costumers/cosplayers at a table within an event willing to assist and provide some advice for any cosplayer of any age or disability, with bullying at the forefront of the campaign and a past history of me having this happen to myself I will do everything in my power to support their vision and help get them more known….. I am positive and strong in all I do and even I felt a little nervous going in costume at my first event, if only I had contact with one then 😉 …. I believe that this campaign may not only help in costuming but also in other forms like schools, workplaces etc…. there’s not many special kind-hearted ones out there so when there is, its time to step up, stand together and make a difference – Paul Mather